Pricing Information


Why We don't Accept Insurance

Our decision to not accept insurance came down to simple integrity and living out what we/I teach others to do. With that in mind, it has also fueled us to do everything in our power to ensure all of obesity care, food addiction treatments and behavioral counseling will one day be considered medically necessary and full funding will be provided for such care.

Insurance companies operate on a medical model, which means they require a diagnosis to establish that you have “a medical necessity” to seek services in order to pay providers.  The vast majority of insurance companies don’t consider obesity, food addiction, relationship issues, existential issues, trauma associated with obesity, personal development, or self-improvement as “a medical necessity”.  They stop short at weight loss surgery and pharmaceutical treatment which many of our clients do not prefer. So, I’d have to assign you a diagnosis to be reimbursed for our work together.

Even then, there are some diagnoses that insurance companies don’t consider debilitating enough to pay for and still won't pay.  So I’d have to label you with a more severe diagnosis they will pay for, but one that may not really reflect your situation.  You’re probably wondering, “What’s the harm in that? A little truth-bending never hurt anyone.”  Well, that’s just it – it can.  It can come back to bite both of us. It is fraud and illegal - two things we don't participate in here at "Weight, WHAT?" Food Addiction Center.  It will also stay on your medical record and can hinder you in future care, employment issues or life insurance policies.

Privacy Issues

At "Weight, WHAT?" Food Addictions Center, your privacy is of utmost importance. Your files are only seen by your specified psychologist, psychiatrist or mental health provide of your choosing. Your files will not be audited like insurance companies do and reviewed any anyone. Our team as a deep sense of commitment to protect our clients at all costs as obesity has made us bare, raw and vulnerable one too many times.

Costs of Doing Business with Insurance Companies

If we chose to file claims our quality of service would suffer. Our prices would have to overly increased for those delays in insurance reimbursement, we would double and triple book in order to meet financial demands of our facility thus our reason, passion and drive for doing this would be completely destroyed. 

Pricing and Financial Plans


We accept all major credit cards and pay any and all additional fees.


CareCredit will pay for weight loss surgery as well as our inpatient and outpatient programs.


Prosper Healthcare will provide you funding for all our services. We will need to give you our ID.